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Post by Admin on Fri Nov 13, 2015 8:30 am

Player changes between data sampled at 2015-11-12 06:54:22 and 2015-11-13 07:07:10, and filtered for at least 3000 total points.

Player smiti (total points=6892) status changed from i to A.
Player Lumbee (total points=8010) status changed from i to A.
Player DeadLock (total points=58373) status changed from A to v.
Player ReaperOfSouls (total points=8809) status changed from A to i.
Player jedijosh1985 (total points=40284) joined none and left SLDFS.
Player krazyflea (total points=76507) status changed from v to A.
Player tdeneve (total points=81011) status changed from v to A.
Player gstew (total points=104454) status changed from A to v.
Player Focalix (total points=72083) status changed from A to i.
Player itsspooby (total points=33023) joined USMC and left BOOTY.
Debutante Storm (status=A) reached 49885 total points (previously 49885).
Debutante BrocktimusPrime (status=A) reached 53850 total points (previously 49720).
Debutante ontarget (status=v) reached 49194 total points (previously 49194).
Debutante Firaldae (status=A) reached 62520 total points (previously 49068).
Debutante salopes (status=A) reached 49441 total points (previously 47501).
Debutante navi (status=A) reached 49670 total points (previously 45426).
Old v player(s) no longer found: kleen
Old I player(s) no longer found: StarSurfer, lazerouseffect, Shazzy_d13, chrizz, hejho, B0B0, bewe, frostcrown, Shyppe, Rinsura, Imperator88790434692, Imperator32714156015, Imperator75593982357, kadienryu, TestTest, Imperator68204789236, Imperator79221009556, Imperator44704373926, Imperator40625726292, Imperator23874016153, Imperator85136893857, Imperator458736951, Imperator41580243316, Imperator2863392234, LastK, Imperator45372407418, Bmanic1995, Imperator52435285971, Imperator36971521704, Imperator38366065035, Imperator12051367993, Imperator89850286394, Imperator34833726008, alsopress, ddelrio1986, Imperator3013602412, ghost assassin, Imperator87838998483
Old A player(s) no longer found: Sylvester, dopez


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