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Post by Admin on Thu Nov 12, 2015 9:38 am

Player changes between data sampled at 2015-11-11 06:49:36 and 2015-11-12 06:54:22, and filtered for at least 3000 total points.

Player festo (total points=22812) status changed from A to i.
Player Der Panzergrenadier (total points=293271) changed name from Troublemaker.
Player Der Panzergrenadier (total points=293271) status changed from v to A.
Player Popcorn10 (total points=54293) status changed from v to A.
Player invader (total points=202307) joined ATOM and left none.
Player XanthMaxis (total points=10128) status changed from vi to A.
Player Schumi248 (total points=9331) status changed from A to i.
Player Khronos (total points=28503) joined Beer 30 and left none.
Player kirbyco (total points=32344) joined NVR and left none.
Player Garybot (total points=1172) joined none and left TEST.
Player quit (total points=251162) changed name from FesbSt.
Player wamattes (total points=268904) status changed from A to v.
Player Going-Dutch (total points=192458) status changed from v to A.
Player newroc (total points=56456) joined none and left OMeN.
Player newroc (total points=56456) status changed from A to o.
Player irishman991 (total points=10358) status changed from vi to v.
Debutante Storm (status=A) reached 49885 total points (previously 49885).
Debutante Kitteneater (status=A) reached 53368 total points (previously 49533).
Debutante BrocktimusPrime (status=A) reached 49720 total points (previously 49336).
Debutante ontarget (status=v) reached 49194 total points (previously 49194).
Debutante gong (status=A) reached 51233 total points (previously 48088).
Debutante solo wing (status=A) reached 50997 total points (previously 47270).
Debutante Von_Tropp (status=A) reached 52481 total points (previously 46445).
Debutante xxxariesxxx (status=A) reached 50668 total points (previously 45898).
Debutante Firaldae (status=A) reached 49068 total points (previously 43212).
Old I player(s) no longer found: Southpaw, DaBossWade, Imperator85535147646, nombobachoo, mjk234
Old A player(s) no longer found: Lgblackm, ssss, zahirah


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