2017-05-25 10:05:33

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2017-05-25 10:05:33

Post by Admin on Thu May 25, 2017 9:52 am

Player changes between data sampled at 2017-05-24 10:05:33 and 2017-05-25 10:05:33, and filtered for at least 3000 total points.

Player C3PO (total points=5301675) status changed from vI to v.
Player Housefly (total points=11039964) status changed from v to A.
Player pocaluce (total points=16127335) status changed from v to A.
Player Chucky (total points=24402833) changed name from AndY.
Player Chucky (total points=24402833) status changed from v to A.
Player FireStarteR (total points=1012930) status changed from vi to v.
Player Volke (total points=19400672) changed name from adieu.
Player Ukrop (total points=10383283) status changed from vi to v.
Player hutch (total points=4425129) status changed from A to v.
Player Blight (total points=8252) status changed from i to A.
Player SnowDa (total points=130) changed name from Mogul Independence.
Old i player(s) no longer found: Harmonizer3, Xcrossing
Old I player(s) no longer found: Jonstons
Old A player(s) no longer found: phoboss, Vicegerent Stingray


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