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Player changes between data sampled at 2018-12-01 07:59:28 and 2018-12-02 07:59:33, and filtered for at least 3000 total points.

Player XAVVO (total points=467650) joined SPARTA and left none.
Player Artemis (total points=677986) joined RUSSIA and left Sheriffs.
Player Nymeria (total points=9333) joined none and left TUG.
Player Entsagang (total points=40103) status changed from A to i.
Player United Federation (total points=409445) joined none and left GOAT.
Player Irishtoker (total points=14337) status changed from A to v.
Player Hillbill1e (total points=196775) joined none and left GOAT.
Player authomas (total points=64514) status changed from v to A.
Player Major Ip Man (total points=63982) joined none and left TUG.
Player TheBigV (total points=560465) changed name from IzN0GooD.
Player woowoo (total points=120998) joined none and left Skie.
Player Engineer Audra (total points=6311) status changed from A to i.
Player NeutronDelta (total points=29617) status changed from A to i.
Player Mogul Saros (total points=12508) joined none and left TUG.
Player Rykener (total points=60596) status changed from A to i.
Player Dusk (total points=273595) changed name from Marshmall0w.
Player HCDark (total points=66112) status changed from A to i.
Player xenohedron (total points=83287) status changed from A to v.
Player Czar Sputnik (total points=101325) status changed from A to v.
Player indusal (total points=10991) status changed from A to v.
Player President Aurora (total points=81) joined USCF and left none.
Player Procurator Phoenix (total points=24642) joined Skie and left none.
Player Chancellor Serpentis (total points=3462) joined BALANCE and left 199.
Player Zargeras (total points=631) changed name from Governor Telesto.
Player MEGOTH (total points=78) changed name from Proconsul Ares.
Player Lusimian Empire (total points=494) changed name from Director Rigel.
Player Kerafyrm (total points=491) joined COV and left none.
Player Procurator Tauri (total points=1111) joined ITA and left none.
Player Renegade Euler (total points=965) joined TUG and left none.
Player Chief Meridian (total points=403) joined TUG and left none.
Player Rosco (total points=86) changed name from Governor Scorpius.
Player Lady Vox (total points=212) changed name from Viceregent Terra.
Player Lady Vox (total points=212) joined COV and left none.
Debutante Maros55592 (status=A) reached 49653 total points (previously 49653).
Debutante Viceregent Kepler (status=A) reached 49540 total points (previously 49540).
Debutante rokiko (status=A) reached 49708 total points (previously 49518).
Debutante TurtleLurker (status=A) reached 49417 total points (previously 49459).
Debutante jonj87 (status=A) reached 49127 total points (previously 49127).
Debutante Consul Vektor (status=A) reached 49820 total points (previously 48973).
Debutante jerfy_jerf (status=A) reached 52282 total points (previously 48960).
Debutante Faddycakes (status=A) reached 50829 total points (previously 48577).
Debutante Slydack the Defiler (status=A) reached 51653 total points (previously 48444).
Debutante Admiral Keid (status=A) reached 51978 total points (previously 47608).
Debutante Lieutenant Helio (status=A) reached 51245 total points (previously 47152).
Debutante Hoxial (status=A) reached 49164 total points (previously 46963).
Debutante Procurator Sedna (status=A) reached 51855 total points (previously 46896).
Old vI player(s) no longer found: Francis 007, Commodore Virgo, Spelldeath, President Neso
Old vi player(s) no longer found: Geologist Polaris
Old i player(s) no longer found: Chancellor Io, Andrew Wiggin, Emperor Io, Admiral Redshift, Stadtholder Neptune, Commodore Fireball, Director Halo, Emperor Cosmo, Consul Sol, Chancellor Sattelite
Old I player(s) no longer found: Chancellor Wasat, DanielPorto, Divljak, Bandit Sigma, kammalleri, Vice Vulcan, Emperor Dorado, Constable Hubble, Consul Nebula, Thiagota, Commander Ceres, Geologist Supernova, Bromosh, SwannSong, Bandit Scout, Viceregent Nestor, Renegade Nusakan, Lemartes, President Phobos, Marshal Klio, Commodore Infrared, Constable Gamma, Admiral Centauri, Commodore Antimatter, Paradox, Chancellor Auriga, Chancellor Zenith, Engineer Centauri, Governor Matter, Geologist Cosmos, Governor Tarvos, Lord Hydraa, Sovereign Seti, Commander Link, Bandit Barym, Chief Uriel, Marshal Mariner, Stadtholder Virgo, Constable Pandora, Ghostrider, Mogul Meteor, Proconsul Parsec, Senator Atlas, Viceregent Virgo, Technocrat Skat, Czar Perseus, Governor Atlas, Fefonorris, Vitruvius, Proconsul Uranus, Emperor Oberon, Czar Themis, Commodore Phobos, kttrc the sleepy, Director Radiation, Captain Veil, Commander Perseids, Procurator Matter, Captain Nusakan, Emperor Aries, Admiral Cosmo, Chief Gliese, Commodore Erato, Renegade Icarus, Consul Magellan, Renegade Vostok, Lieutenant Sedna, Renegade Echo, Lieutenant Mariner, Constable Archer, Lord Volans, Senator Icarus, Admiral Osiris, Captain Parsec, Chancellor Pallas, Admiral Quasar, Consul Osiris, Lord Aries, Governor Aurora, Sovereign Gliese, President Nestor, Geologist Viking, Renegade Proton, Purple Lady, Czar Pluto, Mogul Euler, Lieutenant Puck, Chief Starburst, Senator Lagoon, Marshal Gliese, Consul Horizon, Proconsul Fenrir, Mogul Galileo, Director Crux, Stadtholder Helix, Sovereign Buzz, Constable Nusakan, Procurator Retina, Procurator Leo, Engineer Polaris, Captain Omega, Engineer Kepler, Chief Leto, Commodore Altair, Rolaran, Technocrat Orb, Engineer Orb, Chief Volans, Admiral Shochraos, Governor Ceti, Chief Aries, Governor Thrust, Lieutenant Columbo, Captain Columbo, Chancellor Starburst, Lord Apus, Captain Keid, Senator Aerglo, Lieutenant Oberon, Consul Discory, Admiral Japetus, Emperor Malin, Tashalynn, Mogul Halo, Chancellor Stardust, Consul Cupid, Vortex10, Governor Comet, Emperor Stingray, Governor Kore, Consul Pavo, Sovereign Sol, Bandit Amos, Bandit Hati, Marshal Apus, Paraiba, Admiral Gravity, Sovereign Explorer, Lord Sigma, Emperor Corvus, Emperor Herschel, Chief Helio, Renegade Ceres, Renegade Helios, Admiral Leda, President Pollux, Sovereign Eridanus, Vice Orb, Captain Rover, Liquid Gels, ChaosESP, Chancellor Helix, Governor Sattelite, Sovereign Discory, stoyanos, Commander Fay, Renegade Altair, Stadtholder Orcus, Commodore Echo, Consul Celestial, Bandit Leto, Czar Elara, Chancellor Nomad, Vice Hunter, Geologist Kepler, Bandit Infrared, Chancellor Space, Renegade Holmes, Viceregent Cupid, Admiral Orbit, Viceregent Ceti, Sovereign Kuma, Lieutenant Phoebe, President Aerglo, Yorrca, Chief Flyby, Emperor Oort, Mogul Discory, Geologist Gemini, Engineer Mimas, Hwknight, Emperor Vostok, Rhuice, Czar Altair, Commodore Beid, Digital4narchy, Admiral Leto, Smarty, Commander Skat, Stadtholder Kore, SPIRES INC, Lord Amaral, Lord Eridanus, Procurator Echo, Chief Eridanus, Commander Omega, Director Nekkar, Lord Keid, Camplin, Senator Sirius, Engineer Gamma, Governor Nemesis, Geologist Pioneer, Marshal Cosmos, Bandit Holmes, Constable Pioneer, Consul Buzz, Senator Wezen, Commodore Hyperion, Consul Nomad, Director Deneb, Checkfx, President Space, Madkiller52, Fireforged Fanatic, Admiral Antares, GMAN, Chancellor Jericho, Filbert Fingerbuster, Commodore Pollux, Lord Rocket, Vhart, Lord Leto, Lieutenant Sattelite, Emperor Rocket, Lieutenant Neutron, Proconsul Fay, Lieutenant Vektor, Stadtholder Pluto, Constable Remus, Chancellor Grus, Governor Phoenix, Naylor, Bandit Castor, Commodore Rigel, Chancellor Mizar, Marshal Cupid, Constable Zodiac, Admiral Sedna, Technocrat Phoenix, ZuluDEx, Consul Magnetar, Czar Vela, Lieutenant Pluto, Admiral Helio, Proconsul Lepus, Director Twighlight, Marie, Procurator Orion, Lieutenant Celestial, Jarrett Steele, Illicitus, Commander Jupiter, Viceregent Stellar, Czar Charon, Vice Owl, Aragoth, Viceregent Sedna, Stadtholder Quantum, President Atlas, Marshal Aten, Director Deimos, Senator Malin, Emperor Scout, Bandit Comet, Engineer Helios, Dahak, Marshal Euler, Lord Space, Commodore Majoris, Mogul Ceres, Mogul Gravity, Captain Nestor, Stadtholder Dawn, Senator Orbit, Barjok, Technocrat Sigma, Consul Sun, Procurator Themis, Emperor Viking, Emperor Asteroid, Keldon, Lord Independence, Commander Sattelite, Yatai Sibel Koch, Governor Perseus, Bandit Malin, Consul Orbit, Commander Mercury, Director Space, Governor Dawn, Procurator Discory, Technocrat Buzz, Marshal Star, Chancellor Aries
Old A player(s) no longer found: Chancellor Ares, Technocrat Ares, Director Uriel, Engineer Sagittarius, Admiral Pan, Lieutenant Deuterium, Czar Neutrino, Senator Grus


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